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Extension Strip
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With the new hair extension system of company Seidenhaar- Berlin your dream of voluminous, magnificent and long hair will come true, without any risk and in no time. Just one hour is enough! We specialize on tape extensions and professional hair care, because we love your hair and enjoy taking care of it.

Company SEIDENHAAR - BERLIN has taken into account its clients’ wishes and produced long-living, gentle and completely invisible hair extensions with an easy handling. Hair extensions of 4 different lengths of company Seidenhaar- Berlin are available to you: 30 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm, from the care system Volumen & Länge (“Volume & Length”), in tested brand quality.

For hair lenghts are available for disposal, please choose the right image for you:

Seidenhaar Extension Strips - 30 cm
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30 cm Länge - straight

Seidenhaar Extension Strips - 45 cm
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45 cm Länge - straight

Seidenhaar Extension Strips - 50 cm
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50 cm Länge - waved

Seidenhaar Extension Strips - 60 cm
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60 cm Länge - straight


SEIDENHAAR VOLUMEN & LÄNGE (“SEIDENHAAR Volume & Length”) is a high-quality system, consisting of hair strips (tape extension strips), which can be easily attached to your hair due to the special double-sided brand adhesive tape


Gentle quality hair extension and hair thickening is guaranteed even for fine and thinning hair, for the easy attachment to your hair and without complicated accessories and a fluting iron.   



We can arrange for you an appointment in one of our professional partner salons.



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